Recruitment Process and Recruitment Outcomes: An Empirical Study of Business Organizations of Pakistan

Asmat Nawaz Khattak(1), Muhammad Ilyas(2),

(1) Superior University, Lahore
(2) Department of Economics, Government College Women University, Sialkot, Pakistan


Organizations need highly skilled, qualified and professionally-matured employees to achieve the desired performance. The role of effective human resource management systems is important in creating a mature business culture and a highly systematic recruitment process can yield productive and talented employees. This research has investigated the mediating relationship between recruitment process, teamwork and organizational performance in business organizations through the lens of social exchange theory (SET) and resource-based view (RBV). A quantitative positivist paradigm approach was used in this research study. Data was collected through a questionnaire from 282 industrial units in Pakistan. Hypotheses were tested in the light of mediating model. The data was analyzed by using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) to find out the effect of the independent variable (recruitment process) on the depended variable (organizational performance) through mediating variable (Teamwork). Results show that recruitment process has a positive impact on teamwork and organizational performance. Teamwork has a significant and positive effect on organizational performance. The study provides a sound theoretical contribution to the literature with respect to the recruitment process and organizational performance relationship in business organizations of Pakistan. Exploration of next generation recruitment strategies are important to develop great people and great performance.


human resource management, organizational performance, recruitment process, talented employees, teamwork






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